England Exchange

Our school started the exchange programme with The Priorycofe School in Dorking, Surrey, England in 2006. Since then this activity has been an awesome success for both schools.

The Priory School

Dates of the exchange

Latest information:  There will be no exchange in 2016.



Terms of the Exchange

- Pupils of Year 9 can take part in the exchange programme.

- as the request is immense the number of participants is limited each year.

- the candidates are selected by drawing lots.

- the expenses include flights, transport and most ticket prices: you will be informed        about the exact amount before booking

- the students live in the families of their exchange partners

- they go to school and attend two excursions with their partners

- all participants are requested to use German in Königsbrunn and English in Dorking       exclusively

- this is not a holiday but a school event: no smoking, no alcohol;  but: correct           behaviour + willingness to learn

- our pupils are expected to make a scrapbook about their journey in English